lovesport爱博体育, the full scope of our global capabilities is available to anyone who needs it, 无论他们在哪里. Bringing the best of our world-class business to benefit local clients and communities is what sets lovesport爱博体育 in 瑞典 apart.


以我们在主要铁路上的工作而闻名, 道路及隧道工程, we are passionate about delivering infrastructure that creates opportunity for everyone.  

我们高技能的项目经理团队, 设计 managers and infrastructure experts work closely as trusted partners on some of the most complex infrastructure projects in 瑞典. 

With core services spanning architecture and building engineering, 运输, 水和环境服务, 我们将客户的抱负化为行动, ensuring seamless delivery throughout the project lifecycle. 

在瑞典的lovesport爱博体育,我们重视合作. Together with specialist colleagues from around the world, we are shaping the 设计 of the high-speed North Bothnia railway line – a megaproject that is delivering tangible benefits to the coastal region such as increasing much-needed freight capacity and halving journey times for passengers. 

作为数字专家, we apply the latest tools and technologies to our projects such as the Stockholm Bypass where we have used Building Information Modelling (BIM) to 设计 new bridges, 地下通道及隧道, one of which – once complete – will be one of the largest road tunnels in the world. 

While we are perhaps best known in 瑞典 for 运输 work, lovesport爱博体育 is ranked as one of the world’s top 设计 firms. 在本地应用这些技能, we’re steering the sustainable 设计 of our built environment – from railway stations and data centres to industrial facilities that make electric vehicle batteries – fulfilling our mission of delivering a better world. 


自从我们的 可持续的遗产 strategy, we have strengthened our position in the industry as leaders in sustainability.  

Our commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) – a robust framework which ensures accountability of our own carbon emissions – as well as ScopeX™, our approach for 设计ing out at least 50 per cent of carbon in major projects,就是证明.  


Headquartered in Stockholm, we have been operating in 瑞典 since 2011.  加入我们不断壮大的本地团队, you will have the opportunity to thrive in a dynamic workplace whilst benefiting from the support of our global network of more than 40,000专业人士. 

As well as the chance to work and collaborate internationally, you will be a key part of our mission to make a positive, lasting impact in 瑞典 and build legacies for generations to come. 

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We can help you achieve your ESG goals, turning ambitions into action.



As trusted advisors, we support clients on their digital journey.



How to navigate the energy transition with practical, 盈利, predictable and people-centric strategies to achieve net zero.


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